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how did I meet Him?
I got gim with Him, but I didnt know that He is Polish
I didnt speak well english, when school started, so first two quizes in my gim class I took with my teacher. She just asked me the questions, and I gave her answer, cuz to talk is easier than to writte. On that second test, which we took in exercise room, I had to show her, how I gotta stand on the base in softball. So I was showing this to her, when girls started to laught. I know....I looked teacher said if they are so smart, why they wouldnt help me insted make fun... it wasnt funny for them any more... and than teacher asked does someone speak polish in that class. so He stood up, and said that He can...
o my gosh....He is soo cute...
but we didnt talked at that day....we didnt
He was a gift for was day of my b-day..
next PE we had in gim, so I went there, and sat down next to the wall, and i was waiting for the rest of the class and my teacher.
There was only me, and some 2 other girls.
And than he came in...he walked close to me, but he didnt stop, than he came back, and started walk to me...but...he stoped and sat down next to me, i mean, about 2 yards away from me. And silence, no one started to talk, I didnt know what can I say, it was so...
and his friend came in, so they started to talk.
than we played in some game on gim. i was in Paul's team.
i fell down, cuz I wanted take the ball, and the first words which he said was "are you ok?" was just like.....i thought, that i'm gonna start cuddle him, or even kissin. i mean, it wasnt exactly "are you ok?", cuz He said it in polish, so....u know.
but it was only that one word (in english three)...
then we took one test together
and thats it.
we didnt even realy speak to each other
i mean, not in that other way, i mean about me, about him, only about gim :p
i know only his name...and last name, thats it.
nothin else
when he saw me one time on the hallway, he said only "hi" to me. but is ok.
it was ok.
was, cuz now he even doesnt say that "hi". He just ignores me. i hate it. I hate ppl who behave in that way. i hate.
two days ago, before first block, i was walking on the hallway, and i saw him. i mean, he was walkin with my friend. She is polish too, but she cant speak polish. we take the same yellow bus. She said "hi" to me. he didnt. I replyed, i said "hi" to her, and just smiled to him, but he didnt even smile. i remember his face, he was suprised that I know her...
i hated him in that moment
i hated him, cuz he ignored me. because he is only one person in this school who speaks polish, besides me, and he cant say simple "hi"?
i went to the locker room, i started to cry. i wanted to devastate something, i hit the locker, i was so angry, cuz i was...i'm so weak.
yesterday she asked me do I know Paul. I sad yes, but after moment, I said, yeah, but I didnt realy speak with him.
she said "he is nice"
i said "yeah, I think so.."
and she reply, "he was talkin' about you"
shit, i'm so stupid, cuz, sometimes i understand something after a while, cuz i have to translate every word in my head, and when I already knew what she said, she started to listening the discman, so I didnt ask, what did he say about me.
damn, i'm so curious.....i think that he doesnt like me, but maybe......
i'm so stupid.......
maybe after new year, when i'll see her i'm gonna ask, what did he say....
i wonder if he ever talk to me...